About the projectMe, myself and my tale

Our multilateral project is about Fairy tales internationally. It includes 7 schools from Turkey, England, Poland, Greece, Spain, Northern Ireland and Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to explore traditional fairy tales, to share it among the participating schools and to look at similarities and differences in their styles, content and languages. In the final stage of the project we want to encourage children to write their own fairy tales, and to create a booklet accompanied by a CD and DVD with pupils' performances (mp3/mp4).

As the project will be incorporated in schools’ curriculums and development plans, children by working on various sub tasks will get to know their own and other European fairy tales and different cultures. This will happen as participants share traditional stories, compare them, and create their own version inspired by different cultures. Their self- efficacy and respect for their own work will increase through the knowledge that their work, shared among all the participating schools, is enjoyable, useful and valued.

Our aim is to help introduce a European dimension to the teaching programmes of the partner schools by involvement of teaching staff in preparing the material, and to awaken pupils and staff’s sense of their own values and how they as individuals fit in to their communities at a local, national and global level and there by heighten their sense of regional and European identity.

All work on the project will be done in English and each partner's language. It will involve elements of literacy, ICT, history, music, DT, acting, filming, language learning, creative writing, internet publishing innovative class work and Art.

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