England (UK)


Our partner school from London - England:

Burlington Junior School

Burlington is a large successful Junior school in New Malden (London) and is part of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. There are 420 children aged 7-11, 21 teachers and 15 classroom assistants. In our school we have many children from different backgrounds, over 50% of our pupils speak a different language at home. The school has a history of success with many generations of children being well prepared, not only for Secondary school, but for adult life. Children at Burlington are expected to work hard and achieve their potential across the curriculum. This is led by a dedicated and talented staff who demand high standards and set a vigorous pace of learning. Literacy, numeracy and good work habits are given the highest priority in the curriculum. There are high standards of behaviour at Burlington with an emphasis on care and consideration for others. There is strong support for children who find areas of learning or behaviour difficult and all staff are fully committed to working closely with parents,carers and our community. You can find more on the school web pages: http://www.burlingtonj.kingston.sch.uk

Dick Whittington and His Cat

• Traditional story chosen by our partners from England. In the story a young orphan decides to go to London to find streets paved with gold.

• Audio version together with the PDF file can be downloaded from this webpage. http://www.worldstories.org.uk/stories/story/67-dick-whittington-and-his-cat

• Time given to the study of this tale: February 2014 – May 2014


The story was told to the pupils during their Art and Craft lessons either in English only (2nd and 3rd grade) or with the help of the mother tongue (1st grade). We could therefore reflect on the story immediately by art and craft performance.

• As the main character decided to go to London, we have spent some time on discovering the city of London in the means of short videos, postcards and pictures.
• We have also given special care distinguishing between UK, GB and England. Each child should be now able to name the four parts of the UK and find them on the map. We know how Union Jack was formed and know the flags of our partner countries.
• The second and third graders learnt about the red colour in London (buses, post boxes, phone boxes) and about the main places of interest. They later used special technique to draw/scratch out pictures of London buses and important buildings. More pictures here.
• The first graders also learned about London monuments and historical building. They were given just a half of the picture and had to finish the building using charcoal. Especially for Dick Whittington we painted the streets gold and used glitters to make them shine. More pictures here.
• Origami technique was used during craft lesson in the first grade to make ships that carried Dick Whittington’s cat to the land far beyond. Everybody then decorated the ship and some even gave names to theirs. More pictures here.
• Feed the Cat: We had a great fun making our big cat out of old plastic water container. And even more fun drawing mice and later feeding the cat with them. We can even look into the cat’s mouth and see all the mice in her belly. More pictures here.
• Spaghetti Art: Great sensory game for our second and third graders. As Dick was helping in the kitchen we have decided to play cooks during our lesson. Multicoloured pasta was given to children to play with and later create craft with it. Our little cooks filled the plates with wonderful, colourful and yummy meals. More pictures here.