Our partner school from Skydra - Greece:


We are a small school of 110 students in the North part of Greece close to the border with F.Y.R.O.M.. The pupils aged 6 – 12 are willing to participate in any project they are asked to. We have some children with special needs who receive extra tutoring.

Although the region of our school is not a deprived one, we do have many problems however due to the current economic crisis and recession and the fact that we have several pupils, whose parents are migrants and these are at high risk of exclusion within the local community. We want our children to be given the chance to participate in a project where they can broaden their horizons, experience other cultures and communicate with children in other countries.

Economic conditions in our country are getting worse and the inhabitants of our area, mostly farmers, see their income getting smaller and smaller, and many of our families are suffering deprivation.

It is our belief that, by motivating our students through “international” experience, we can offer them the hope of a way out of the bad news, that they encounter every day.

I have been involved in other European programmes and had the opportunity at first hand to realize the positive effects on the students. Being situated on a predominately rural community, we have been developing informal links with a number of other schools in different parts of Europe and India and now we wish to participate in a “Comenius” partnership to help our pupils to learn about other countries and cultures, to become more tolerant and understanding and to raise their aspiration and activate them in new and exciting ways.

Our involvement is fully supported by the whole staff, School Council Governors and County Education officials.

You can find more on the school web pages:

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