Northern Ireland


Our partner school from Carrickfergus – Northern Ireland:

Silverstream Primary School

We are a small primary school in a suburban area, comprising of 4 classes and a nursery unit. Most of our children come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and as such, have little or no opportunity for travel. Their knowledge of other European countries is very limited, with many of our pupils never even having visited our own coasts. We feel therefore that it is essential that they should have the opportunity to learn about themselves as citizens of Europe, through opening up communication with children of their own age but of a different culture, and through this, realizing that Northern Ireland is part of a European community. Our role in the project is to work in conjunction with our partner schools to explore traditional fables and fairy tales. We will also take part in all project visits and investigate the possibility of funding and maintaining a website for our project. We will participate fully as a school in all the planned objectives and evaluations, as well as ensure that all stages of the project are fully disseminated to all pupils, staff, parents and the local community.

You can find more on the school web pages:

Finn Mac Cool

• Irish giant and his story in which he tricks another Giant (from Scotland) and also builds a Giant Causeway

• Pdf file with the story can be downloaded from here

• Time given to the study of this tale: February 2014 – May 2014


As Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom we decided to give extra care to geography and the difference between Northern Ireland and Ireland. We studied the maps, learned the symbols of all the countries of the UK, drew individual flags of all the countries and learnt the capitals. The story was then told in English only to all the children.

• Map search, encyclopaedia references and pictures were given to children to discover the part of UK that belongs to Northern Ireland. As the Giant Causeway in one of the great sightseeing attractions, we have also used the internet to look at real pictures and photos of the monument.

• The first grader forked in groups to make the footprint of a giant. We started with our footprints that grew and grew and grew as we ended up with giant footprint. We also put our footprint next to the giants one to see the differences, compare the size and guess the size of the real giant

• The second and third graders were given a giant pen and paper and had to write a giant letters. One group was working on the letter from Finn Mac Cool and the other from the Scottish Giant. They have also made a giant envelope and a giant stamp. More pictures here.

• Later we decided to try to draw our maps of UK and according to the information on the position of the Giant Causeway draw the bridge between these two places. It was a great deal of work as we had to work out the maps as such, find the places, measure the distances etc. More pictures here