Our partner school from Baczal Dolny - Poland:

Zespół Szkół Publicznych w Bączalu Dolnym

Our school was established in a small village called Bączal Dolny near the city Jasło. It is a public school and the students who attend are Polish citizens aged from 6 to 16.

Because of the growing unemployment in our region our pupils are well-motivated and high-achieving in developing good knowledge of foreign languages, linked with key competence for employability such as ICT skills, creativity and team-work, in order to increase their chances of finding good jobs in the future. Linked with this, it is important for our pupils to understand that employability is linked with European mobility - and will become increasingly so in tomorrow's world of work.

We are sure that this project will enable pupils to develop good communication skills by interacting creatively with partners cross Europe. We hope to involve a number of class representatives in mobilities along with Staff. What is more, we hope that this Comenius project will provide a framework for teachers to further help pupils develop these Essentials skills and attitudes.

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