Our partner school from Ankara - Turkey:

Eryeman Kooperatifler Birligi Ortaokulu

Our school is a secondary school in Etimesgut, Ankara, Turkey. We have 1000 students, between 6 and 14 years old and there are 60 staff. Our education level is very well but as there are a lot of exams in Turkey, students can't find any time to do social and cultural activities. They are under the pressure of these exams' stress. So they are lack of cultural and social activities. We don't want them to be anti-social. There are also many students coming from low-standard families and from a small village. Our school has a White Flag Award showing the cleanliness. In this project , we want to make children be aware of their own and the other cultures' values and gifts from the past via fairy tales and to know each other better by trying to see a common heritage that teaches something in the real life through the 'Hero's' or the 'Villain's' experiences. They are expected to develop their literature through reading and writing in mother tongue and in English and best learning can be realized when it is related with the culture and when it is acted. We want to encourage, support and help them to write their own tales and also to act them by this way they may expand their horizons and see that life may be more colorful if they want and try. Because their economical qualifications are not enough to meet different countries' cultures and their imagination and the way of looking at life will highly change if they may have the chance to succeed in such a work. As Turkey, we want to remind our own tales to our students and make them learn about other countries' tales through comparing and noticing the differences and the similarities among the participating countries.

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A Rose for an Eye

• Story chosen by Turkey about a girl who cries pears and whose cheeks blossom with roses when she smiles.

• Pdf file with the story can be downloaded from this here

• Time given to the study of this tale: November 2013 - February 2014


One of the first stories told to the children. As the story is sometimes very sad and dark, we decided to make the atmosphere a bit spooky and told the story in a dark part of the classroom with only English and lots of gestures and dark voices. It was great fun. Art and craft and language activities followed. We also counted the pearls and roses for all the girls we painted (mathematics) and studied Turkish traditions, dances, meals etc. Some of our pictures were given to each of the partner school.

• First we all learnt about Turkey. It was easy as we had a Comenius Assistant from Turkey helping us at school. We just had to ask him and share his knowledge. We learnt how to say “hello” and “bye” in Turkish, learnt about Ankara and Istanbul from interactive videos and tired some Turkish dances.


• When our teachers came from the first Comenius meeting in Ankara, we shared pictures, experience and Turkish Delight. More pictures here.

• The first graders decided to explore the word of sultans and his wives and made lovely pictures of Sultans using different fabrics and precious stones (shaped glass). Some of them really enjoyed all the different fabrics we had.

• The second and third grade had the opportunity to work with pearls and make roses out of paper as they were exploring the beautiful girl from the story. We also concentrated on different hair styles, so some of our girls even have plait or pony tails. More pictures here

• All of the children had the opportunity to explore the traditional Turkish shadow theatre. We are now exploring the ways to play real shadow theatre at school.