Established in 2010, Easy Start is a private primary school located in Slovany, Plzen. Our school was officially approved by the Ministry of Education in 2011. It provides a very spacious (more than 350 m2) and well equipped school environment. Children can also use the safe playground and the school ground.

The school is ready to welcome 5 grades/classes of schoolchildren for primary education. Children are therefore encouraged to continue their education in grammar schools or schools supporting language education. The first class was opened in the school year 2011/2012. Another class will open every coming year.

The beginning of all classes was shifted to 8.40 a.m. to guarantee a comfortable daily routine and a stress free environment. Individual approach to gifted children or those with SEN is our priority; therefore the number of children in the class was limited to 12 in average. That also ensures that each teacher has specific knowledge of his pupils and is able to provide individual care. Each new teacher undergoes a very demanding entry interview and must prove a good knowledge of English (as English is a part of every lesson and teachers are required to use it in everyday teaching). All teachers are also good at classroom management and are CRB checked. You can see more information in the “Personnel” section of this webpage.


An important and substantial part of our education is the Czech-English environment secured by the inclusion of English from the first grade– i.e. 3 full lessons a week, a native speaker, two subjects taught predominantly in English, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), incorporating English in everyday activities and a partnership with NAEP (National agency for Comenius projects) and teachers with good command of English– more can be found in the section “School philosophy”.


Positive motivation of pupils, teachers and carers is part of our holistic approach. We very much appreciate any partnership between school and parents and therefore encourage friendly working school environment and co-operation.


Our already established and operating private kindergarten “Drobeček” is situated nearby, which you can visit for further references. More information about this primary kindergarten can be found on the web site