After-school activities ( “Kroužky”) – will take place in the afternoon during the time the after-school club is open (i.e. until 5.p.m). The teachers/tutors for these activities will attend our school (often they are members of our school stuff) and will pick up children attending this activity at the after-school club. They will then lead the after-school activity in a different classroom or place suitable for the activity. After the end of the session children will go back to the club, where they can stay until their parents` arrival. Children are therefore under constant adult supervision and are not asked to move to or from the activity on their own.

Here is the list of activities offered by our school. The offer may vary according to your needs and wishes.

These activities are paid separately and are not included in the school fees:


  • Afternoon Fun with  English
  • Individual recorded  lessons
  • “Smarties” – Research and experiment group
  • Art and craft workshops and lessons
  • Board games
  • German language
  • Photography (from 4grade up)
  • Aerobics for children/zumba for children
  • Cooking
  • Pottery



You can choose from these activities (school year 2012/2013):

Afternoon Fun with English

Afternoon English which provides your child opportunity to spend more time playing games in English and learn through this experience. During these lessons no course books are used as children are encouraged to play vocabulary/grammar/speaking games, sing songs, use drama techniques and enjoy themselves thoroughly while speaking English. Children will get in touch with many English books and stories and will work on their understanding while listening to the story. We will also spend some time on Synthetic phonics as special books designed to teach children reading in English are being used. During the lesson an extensive range of teaching materials and aids will be used, together with interactive whiteboard and other media.

Individual recorder lessons

Individual (or pair) lessons with an experienced tutor will be given to your child to secure an individual approach and good quality of music education. We usually use the note sheets “Daniel 1.” and other note sheets as supplementary material. Children are encouraged to play individually, in pairs and accompanied by piano or CD. Children are asked to prepare for each lesson therefore a home practice is required. For information on the notes we are learning and exercises we are practicing a small notebook is kept to record the progress. A reward stamp is used to motivate and evaluate those who try hard and finish every lesson.

“Smarties” – Research and experiment group

After-school research group dedicated especially to gifted children and those interested in research and experiment. We will spend time on exciting experiments, find information on related theory in encyclopaedia and learn about many interesting things. Hands on approach will teach us how things work, how liquids have different density, how to make an electromagnet and where to use it (and much more of course). We will try to solve a puzzle every lesson to earn a reward stamp into our “secret smarties’ book”, then a preparation time or experiment will take place. Everything will be written into our notebook so we could record whether our assumptions were confirmed or disproved. As a part of our group meeting, preparation for Mensa entrance examination will take place as entrance tests take place at least once in two years in our school (We are a partner school of Mensa Czech Republic).

Art and craft workshops and lessons

After-school activity allows children to use special media and techniques. We will work with polymer clays (FIMO, Premo etc.), paint on fabric or silk, make candles or soaps; learn the basics of scrapbooking, decoupage and try to use clay, Delta-sand and other media. We will also use wood and materials retrieved from nature. Basically anything children find interesting but is not possible to do during school lessons.

Board games

Children will learn how to play many board games and logic card games during this after-school activity. They will therefore learn how to play strategy games, games supporting surface and spatial imagination, games for memory training, applying knowledge, skill development, verbal practise and also complex vocabulary games and games with a hidden math problem. These will be played either in groups or individually (Smart Games for one player). Most of the games are recommended by Mensa Czech Republic.


During these sessions children can learn how to use potter’s clay, glaze and later even a pottery wheel. The ideas of art therapy will be used during these lessons and children will work on their fine motor skills and spatial imagination.


Those who want to learn how to use basic kitchen appliances and equipment and master some easy cooking techniques and recipes are more than welcome to join our cooking group. We will learn to recognize different spices, use kitchen appliances in a safe and hygienic way and bake a cake, cook a soup or prepare small refreshment for others. We will of course not forget to go to a shop and learn how to shop, count our money and choose good ingredients. Children will be also taught to keep their working environment clean and tidy.