Our neighbouring school - 21. Primary School Plzeň - has been preparing lunches for our Kindergartens for more then 3 years and because we are satisfied with the meals they provide and with the school canteen as such, we have agreed to take lunches there. As the school canteen is across the street, we can easily get there during our lunch break. Children attend the lunches with a teacher and are not allowed to leave the school without him/her.

Each lunch includes soup, hot meal, drink and often a desert or fruit. You can choose from two meals (can be done via internet). The price for one lunch is 30 CZK and it is up to you whether your child takes lunches with us in the canteen or whether he/she stays in the school club and eats his/her food during the lunch break. A teacher is with the children all the time and is therefore responsible for them during the short trip to the canteen and back and also for good manners during dining.

Price for lunch.

The price for one lunch is 30CZK and is paid to the school canteen (not to us) in monthly payments. You will be informed on the way to do so and you will also be given a registration form for the canteen the first day of the school.
For children from 1-3 graded a healthy morning snack is provided by our school as a part of the school fee.
Drinks are provided for all the pupils during the time they spent at school/after-school club/activities. Children have their cups in the classroom and are allowed to get a drink any time they feel thirsty.